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Poem - #19 | Drowned in Love

Your love was Like the ocean. I wanted to  swim at the surface. But then I  drowned. And now I'm trapped at the depths. Trying to come out. You and many people tried to fish me out But none can ever take me out. - Tamack

Poem - #18 | Wrapped in Love

Wrapped in love I don't care if I'm pretty He never told me I never care what enthralled me I always over-rated my life Why lie on his bed tonight? I say! I swell my pride to undertake Fornicate not to make him stay  Stoic those chances of  bethroning a man  With lovers kind of embrace Why I never discovered  turbulences  Quite unexpected each  minute  Fades into the shadows of  vain Losing grip on those days  gone by  Like an empty conch fritters  Of the shore I stand wrapped in words  That wash the shores of my body  Then like those unveiling  Linen flows like a borrowed  wings of Icarus  White wanton on the shore  With sand that sparkle on  That ebony rock battered by  The winds of time  With foothills down to sullen  Heat of pregnant shores that  never ebbed  Forever emmersed in those  Hearts rejoice of  Tangled hair that meshes out  To the mind, that stoops not  to imposters Wild wild chil

Thought - #1 |Who is God?

Who is God? Who in this diverse world of ours hasn't heard about Him, a greater power above us all, a Being known to many by an infinite names. A Creator in some religions, a Destroyer in others, an entity in some and a force, energy in others. The very notion of God comes the the everlasting but yet the most preliminary and fundamental question that our human mind has been able to conceive. Who made us? And thus the paradoxical answer follows; someone, God. Why paradoxical? Because if we exist then it follows that their must be a creator else nothing makes sense. Our very existence proves the existence of the One. Although this mind boggling topic, also one of the most controversial ones to be accurate, has been there since we achieved self-awareness the truth is that it may never be answered. Yet is that all? Do we only see God as our creator or is there something more to it, a latent truth buried deep within our minds. It is a fact that it is our very human

Photography - #7 | By Sidhant

It was a dream, a faded one, One a place too far away. It had tulips, roses and a dying sun, In a crimson spilled day. The wind was swaying, the leaves all flew, With nothing to hold them down, Do search for Sid Snaps in Insta and follow this guy. An awesome editor and photographer. Soon we will be posting more of his works.

Poem - #16 | For the Sake of Love

FOR THE SAKE OF LOVE I've covered miles not to watch you walk away At the slightest sight of me approaching your side, Or to remind you of how much we meant to each other in one moment, And the next minute we had to set out, apart. I don't understand why you think It's a bad thing to call you my friend What are you more ashamed of- Being my friend or being called one? I still believe there was magic in that world Which we built for ourselves, There was madness in the way we talked About every fiction we wrapped ourselves with. And I believed that we could have found each other If we had stayed a little longer together. But tell me, After all these years happened to us, What good did we learn Other than doubting ourselves Pulling down each other's confidence For the sake of love? I thought after this craze was over We could have been friends atleast. But then now that I look at the shame in your eyes That I know t

Artwork - #1 | By Eshika

The following 8 pieces of art has been done by Eshika. Have a look at them. This young aspiring artist has demonstrated her inner talent and creativity in herself. From drawing abstract images of auroras and galaxies to sketching the famous and dearly loved Marvel characters like Dr. Strange she has done it with a lot of enthusiasm.  Her silver dragon is also a good piece of artwork carefully done on a black background. Who can resist a weekend with Moana on the T.V and you on the couch laying down in a vacant manner. The Joker is also another beautiful piece ( sarcastically ) because it depicts the qualities of the character itself.  Aurora  Credits ~Eshika The Silver Dragon Doctor Strange Teddy Bear The Joker Silver Fox Credits ~ Eshika  Moana  Judy Hops Credits ~ Eshika

Poem - #15 | A Faded Dream

A Faded Dream I thought you'd seep out of my tight held fist Like water to the ground You'd be free, escaping my touch But never take the imprints of your presence From my mind And not letting go of memories Is the hardest chapter to live. Leaving a person who You thought you'd grow old with isn't easy. The feel is too tight against your heart Or when it gets too heavy for your hands To carry the weight of guilt along every time. You'd said I will be wrong to complain, But won't I still be wrong not to? So what if the life we sketched for us Faded in all this years When we ran our fingers along The Light pencil figures In which we drew our home. Take this as a lesson, Me and you separately Will have to draw our houses and fill it with Love, happiness and time. This time in ink. ~ Pushpanjali

Poem - #14 | They | You | We | Us

Mirror, Mirror tell me why, I feel this pain in every cry. Though struck are they but hurt am I, Sorrows be theirs but tears be mine ? If we are all apart Then why this pain, A sting in my heart, A throb in my vein ? If we are not one, then tell me why, Is their smile no different than mine ? Why his tears be the same as hers, While their fears still raise their furs ? Then tell me, tell me, please tell me why, Do we all seek to touch the sky ? Though darkness is all thats ahead we know, We still wanna give it a go. Why we shudder in the silent cold, Feel warm in a friendly hold ? Kill for a little gold, Forgetting everything we are told. Oh Mirror, Mirror do unfold, This blinding delusion of the many old, For before I leave will be bold For we are people, not toys to be sold. Love was when I met you , And kissed you under the darkening skies. Love was when I held you, Love was the warmth in your eyes. Love was wh

Poem - #13 | Utopian Dystopia | On Poverty and Racism

On Poverty and Racism They say it ain't good When you show your cunning self But when you have to beg for food Being honest is of little help. Sit in the heat, sit in the rain; Is it the best way, you use your brain. But you know what? The rich don't care, About the miseries the poor share. Oh! Please don't spit there Thats where I sleep dear: And don't you piss there My food is in there! Yeah you heard it right But you still will fight, With the people and the government, Everytime they have us money, lent. For the rich get richer,  And the poor - poorer: Very few things in this world Are more truer, Than this clichéd phrase. You see, we live in such a country When dogs are prayed but men slayed, On the basis of their so-called caste How long do you think can such a rule last? And the black men, kicked out and murdered Just because God had them coloured. And yet they say we live in an uto

Poem - #12 | Feelings

Feelings I didn't want to do it Or maybe I did, It all started when I said that your post was lit, And you commented that you were deeply grieved. You said you were left to die Under the unforgiving sky, With no one to see you cry And if let alone you would try ----- To leave this world and fly. To fly far, far away from the wide-wide sky But it was just another big lie. I believed in you, tried to console you, I said, "All will be well, a good life awaits you." But you acted well and kept on bluffing Saying the same four lines to Joe, Bill, John and Irving That you were left to die Under the unforgiving sky, With no one to see you cry And if you could you would try ----- To leave this world and fly. But playing us was your aim, Nothing more, nothing less, and you did nicely frame ------' That you suffered, while others betrayed: But never did you think what had you portrayed When with the five of us you pla

Poem - #11 | Changes

Oh life! Why always do you take such a sharp turn? It cuts me deep, I bleed and still I have to run. Dying with pain, physical or mental, do you think it's fun? I did the enduring till you're done. I lock myself up in a room, crouched in one corner I stay, Like a prey running away from his predator, I pray that all will be well, afraid of the future that lay, I think of life as a bad mentor. "Try to rise up and calm down, it's gonna be fine", they say. "Is it that easy? My successes and failures gone with the wind so easily, how do I not freak out and say----- Life's over and so is my hope, leave me alone and let me cry?" "It's useless for me to stand up and try", I sigh. And to you, to you and you alone, Are you happy now? With me not bothered and gone Blessed I am I realise to live with a life Than to live with a selfless life filled with strife. Countless emotions mixed with will, I control mys

Photography - #1 | Shree's Collection

In a backpack in Shree's cupboard lay in an unused hard drive some pictures. Some pictures which he photographed himself. Many of them were good and many of them excellent. So among those pictures we chose some and are now displaying here. Shree Raj Chettri Shree Raj Chettri Shree Raj Chettri                                   Shree Raj Chettri                  Tell us which of the pics you like the most and if anyone wants a copy of their own delivered in hd-jpg format email us at            

Photography - #3 | Laksh's Collection

Take a moment to relax and look at these pictures that follow:  Just want to say one thing : Laksh well done!

Photography - #2 | Subham's Collection

The petals of the flowers faced towards the sun proudly. What a beauty! The delicate petals, the golden nectar! If you feel that everything in this world fades, look at the sun, never fading but ever glowing.  With the gleam of 'diyas' may the night end and a new day bring prosperity to life! 'Smileeee' 'Meeaaaaoowwwww' 'Flaming'  Sun again!  Thanks to Subham Prasad for these awesome pics!!

Photography - #4 | Subham's Collection 2

I was just about to go offline when I stumbled upon this. A truly good set of photographs these are! Look at them, don't they look nice?

Poem - #10 | Live For You

We're rolling down the road With tear sheds and a broken heart! Recovery, what for? The pieces of the hurt And red shed of the tears, They remind us of the love That we've promised to keep But could not. Why forget the happiness, The joy and thrill of their presence? Isn't it better In our head like a lesson? Isn't it supposed to make us happy, That we're going to do better than this one So tell me Why are you sad? Why are they making you feel like that, Lessons are supposed to be learned Not only to keep them in our mind To make the learning in practice. Why aren't you practicing it then? Are you still haunted by the hurt? Or are you too scared to fail At some imaginary test you've made for yourself. Please go easy on yourself, You have to prove no one: LIVE FOR YOU! -Pushpanjali.


Storyline :   The theme of this book revolves around the eradication of perennial social problems and evils that have increased substantially in India. Social evils like rape, consumption of tobacco, alcohol and drugs are on an all-time high level yet no one is bothered about solving these problems from the roots. Ragging is schools and colleges and lack of proper educational facilities have also been given a serious thought in the book. The feelings and the troubles of the victims and their families are clearly and extensively discussed in the book. Various solutions have been suggested. The storyline was at times slow-paced and lost its taste but overall the experience was good. All the details regarding the crimes have been clearly stated with little to no errors. After-thoughts on the book :   The book is a must-read by all adults and teens who need to be educated about the social-evils in the correct way. According to a study, by 2030 the number of people addicted

Poem - #8 | Just Love Me

If you're going to love me this softly Nurture and care for me, Hold my hand like yesterday With all your fingers interlocked as if a tie, I'll let you take me to the places You make me dream about. If your lips feel the same way every time, Soft and promising A little sweet-a little scared As if we'll run out of time And we'll end up late, With haste l'll let you kiss me tomorrow One more time: Before I leave for the night And keep missing you until the morning But I cant tell you that. What you must know ias that You can love me, Don't ask if you can For the things you want Just stretch your hand to hold mine You don't need to look away When you can't find the right words to say Just stay there in the moment with me; We don't have to talk: smile at me Or just watch me gaze back at you Without hesitation- 'Cause   Speeches don't define love, We lovers do. And if you get lucky. Before we depart, after our

Poem - #7 | A Memory is All We Have

We looted the memories out of our very bag of untouchable treasure And lived the nights as they were days. When the light had been burning our eyes We made huts to hide in Then laugh at the others who wamed us That this dream was to end. Has this dream yet ended for us No! We are paying back for the time we wasted For the days we held cursed against each other And stole from the bag, As our escape. Were still looking at those people Who wamed us to come back to our senses, Now I look back at her at times And ask,"what will we do after we figure a way out?" She looks away as if saying, pretend like we never happened"                                                                     -Pushpanjali