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Poem - #18 | Wrapped in Love

Wrapped in love

I don't care if I'm pretty
He never told me
I never care what enthralled me
I always over-rated my life
Why lie on his bed tonight?
I say!
I swell my pride to undertake
Fornicate not to make him
Stoic those chances of 
bethroning a man 
With lovers kind of embrace
Why I never discovered 
Quite unexpected each 
Fades into the shadows of 
Losing grip on those days 
gone by 
Like an empty conch fritters 
Of the shore

I stand wrapped in words 
That wash the shores of my body 
Then like those unveiling 
Linen flows like a borrowed 
wings of Icarus 
White wanton on the shore 
With sand that sparkle on 
That ebony rock battered by 
The winds of time 
With foothills down to sullen 
Heat of pregnant shores that 
never ebbed 
Forever emmersed in those 
Hearts rejoice of 
Tangled hair that meshes out 
To the mind, that stoops not 
to imposters
Wild wild child your soul has 
parched out 
Humiliating remarks chide 
not anymore 
Since with him she engaged
Her soul entwining for 
She bids not of hope begone 
To simple chance of 
For on my words I surrender 
The beauty of my being 
So may he never tell me that 
I'm pretty for in my mind
I slay
Of beckoning skies that glow 
each day 
No matter the mental tryst 
For him the Noblest of them all kings,
She shall remain the sparkling dusky queen!

~ Preeti Pradhan Bhutia


General said…
Heartfelt thanks to Ma'am Preeti for the wonderful piece!

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