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Poem - #14 | They | You | We | Us

A large crowd of people moving here and there in hurry symbolizing the confusion in life.

Mirror, Mirror tell me why,
I feel this pain in every cry.
Though struck are they but hurt am I,
Sorrows be theirs but tears be mine ?

If we are all apart
Then why this pain,
A sting in my heart,
A throb in my vein ?

If we are not one, then tell me why,
Is their smile no different than mine ?
Why his tears be the same as hers,
While their fears still raise their furs ?

Then tell me, tell me, please tell me why,
Do we all seek to touch the sky ?
Though darkness is all thats ahead we know,
We still wanna give it a go.

Why we shudder in the silent cold,
Feel warm in a friendly hold ?
Kill for a little gold,
Forgetting everything we are told.

Oh Mirror, Mirror do unfold,
This blinding delusion of the many old,
For before I leave will be bold
For we are people, not toys to be sold.

A man kissing a girl in the forehead.

Love was when I met you ,
And kissed you under the darkening skies.

Love was when I held you,
Love was the warmth in your eyes.

Love was when you told me
That love never lies

Love was when I left you,
Love was tears in our goodbyes.

Two hands joined to make the symbol of love.

A thousand thorns I'll pass by,
To get to the rose you are.
A zillion dews I,ll grab upon,
To fill up the sea you are.

If you are the Moon, I'll be you night,
If you are the Sun, I'll be your light.

In your eyes I see this abyss of mystery,
Unaware of your past and history.
You came in my life as a ray of light,
In a void of darkness with a path to guide.

I've searched for you in valleys deep,
And up upon the mountains steep,
But little I knew you'll be so near,
So leaving behind all my fear,
I say out loud for you to hear,
That I have fallen in love with you dear.

A picture showing the Milky Way galaxy.

Soaring heavens up above,
Devils dwelling down below,
Stuck between them creatures we are,
Unaware bout were to go.

Swaying along with the breeze of Life,
Treading upon the steps of Time,
Stumbling, falling, rising up,
Doubtful bout when to stop.

Made are we of both light and dark,
All of us dying to leave behind our mark.

Some of us see the Moon rise up,
Some of us see the Sun go down,
Some of us play all our part,
While others forget where to start.

We run, we run,
We run so far,
We sting, be stung,
Caress a scar,
For this life is like a winter's shower,
A life that we call our,
A life that we call our.



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