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Thought - #1 |Who is God?

Who is God?

Who in this diverse world of ours hasn't heard about Him, a greater power above us all, a Being known to many by an infinite names. A Creator in some religions, a Destroyer in others, an entity in some and a force, energy in others. The very notion of God comes the the everlasting but yet the most preliminary and fundamental question that our human mind has been able to conceive.
Who made us?
And thus the paradoxical answer follows; someone, God.
Why paradoxical?
Because if we exist then it follows that their must be a creator else nothing makes sense. Our very existence proves the existence of the One. Although this mind boggling topic, also one of the most controversial ones to be accurate, has been there since we achieved self-awareness the truth is that it may never be answered.
Yet is that all?
Do we only see God as our creator or is there something more to it, a latent truth buried deep within our minds.
It is a fact that it is our very human nature to rely onto something and attach our life with it. We want to entitle all or failures, our successes, our life and its consequences to someone. Why? Because we want a hope, a hope that we are not alone, that there is a purpose of our being, that there is someone with whom we can share all our troubles with so that we feel protected and watched over, a figure to soothe us saying, "The future's going to be better". God stands as a symbol of this hope, an ending, a destination.
A dark night and a dark night with little star conveys a whole different meaning. It stops us from losing ourselves to the vast emptiness of reality. It thus creates a path in reality, it creates rules and finally us.
A soul may live forever but a body without an essence of soul, consciousness is eventually no different than its surroundings. A simple belief, that is what God may be, but yet this is the thing that has pushed us forward so far and will do so until the dusk of humanity.
~ Shree


Unknown said…
The question that you are actually hinting at is : WHY were we made? It is so because as you are posing the question as to who made us. Maybe, that very "entity or force" may question himself or herself as to who made him or her. In my opinion, "the One" doesn't provide hope that tomorrow WILL be better ,but, gives us the hope that tomorrow MIGHT be better if we work today. I feel that any great person has never relied on the laurels of the past or as you mentioned hope but on his own perseveranice and hard work.
The notion of the soul can also be something that some one made up so that people never forget to do good. Similar to the very incident of a parent inventing the notion of a " boogeyman" so that he/she eats her vegetables. ~AB
Zemiro said…
Actually you have got it right. I was asking the very question why were we created, whats the purpose of our being and what role does God play in the equation.
It turns out God does play a very big role in this purpose.

For try thinking this, say its billions of years in the future.Assume that we humans have covered the whole of the universe and uncovered all its mysteries.I know this may not be possible practically but theoretically it can be possible.
Now the question is if we have done everything already and there is nothing else to do anymore what will drive the humans, what will be their purpose of being.If you dont put God here we would eventually go mad without no purpose.So God gives us purpose when there is no purpose.
I know this may not be correct but please pardon me for that.

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