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Poem - #21 | Lovers and Society

Faded Lovers

We were fading lovers
Sailing through the ocean of time,
Drowned by our melancholic hearts
We are not fine this time.
We fought for us but against each other,
We knew that we were bound to drown
And we did nothing to make it better.
Separated in the ocean of time,
We are indeed faded lovers
But know that time will heal us just fine
Even though it might leave a scar behind.

- Sneha Chhetri

Dear Society

We have been planning our escape
From the four walls of society
We all want to go to one place
Where we can exist with our reality,
You say we carry no dreams in our mind,
When we carry a universe crafted solely out of them,
You say our mind is not mature enough.
 When our thinking starts from the horizon,
Of the end of yours,
And you tell us we do not dream enough
Oh! Dear Society
How dare we even tell you about our dreams
When you think they are nothing
And you try to clip our wings
How dare we even try to breathe a word
About our universe
When you do not even see a thing
Oh! Dear society
And you tell us
We do not live in a reality.
~ Sneha Chettri

Too good to be true

Too good to be true
Your feathery touch,
Still lingering on my skin
My body still tingling,
Everytime when I think
Of those stolen kisses
And those dreams,
It was so good
That it felt
Too good to be true
I wanted us to be forever
And not just a phase
But you were a wave
That did not come to stay,
You were a breeze
That touched and went away,
The sand that
I had grasped in my hands for awhile
But had soon slipped away.

- Sneha Chhetri

Voices are suppressed

Voices are suppressed 
Wings are clipped
Fight or flight
She does not get to choose
For neither of it is in for sight,
Caged inside the four walls of opinions
She is not even allowed to have
A thought of her own
Let alone voice them
Out in an open form
But how long is it going to be this way,
Does she not deserve life
Outside those walls?
Does she not deserve freedom
Of being herself?
Is she not a living being like all the others,
So why only her wishes
Are the ones being unheard?
So why only her chances
Are the ones being snatched?

-Sneha Chhetri.

Her Hurricane

She had a hurricane inside her
That no one could tame,
No one ever saw past her hurricane
But the ones who did
Couldn't help
But helplessly fall for her.
She had a spark inside her
That no one could lit
And no one ever tried to light
But the once who tried
Had her ignited in the first try.
That's how she was
The ones who tried to see past her
Had her friendship
And, the ones who didn't tried
Wished that they had.

- Sneha Chhetri


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