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Poem- #23 | To Dearest Mom

Dear Mom

I see you caring for me even when I hated you,
Staying awake all those nights when I was in agony;
And even in my worst times
You were the one who gave me the strength,
To wear the brightest smile on my face.

Dear Mom, 
In the freaking cold winters
You were the one to make me feel warm on your lap,
You sacrificed your hunger to feed me,
I promise you there cannot be any heart like yours 
In this cruel world:
Mom, to write this poem I was never told,
Now I write it, cause my heart is not so cold,
But Mom for me you are the best in the world.

Dear Mom,
Even the legends have bowed to you,
And even God has praised you,
For what you have done.
You are the one who forgave me for the pain I caused;
And for me there is no one as great as you Mom,
There is nothing in the world that you didn't do for us,
You gave up your aspirations to fullfil my dreams,
And you fought against the world for me.
You are the true owner of my breath.

Dear Mom,
 I need your blessing to be the very best,
And Dear God,
please bless me to live my life well
 With my dearest Mom,
Mom, I may say I hate you,
But when you are not there I really miss you.
And sometimes do cry for you.
Day may be my food provider,
But you are my life enhancer,
And at last Dear mom, I may not like you always,
We may have arguments and fight sometimes
But there is something you should know:
I have always loved you and will do so forever.

Dear Mom,
I want your prayers that help me seize the world,
The way you sing to make me sleep,
How I wake up to a smile that overpowers all that's bleak,
Oh I can tell the world of the brightest smile 
Which doesn't let me feel weak.


    Wondering about empty pages of note books,
I tried to find happiness in these empty rooms.
And with the blowing wind
The memories of yesterday strikes back,
The pain that people caused
The mess and clown I was made,
It seemed like it happened just the last day.
The stress of yesterday, is the same today.
Will it ever go?
 Or will the best days will also be a gloomy day?
For everlasting happiness I am ready to pay,
But even when it is gone:
It feels likes it is smiling on me from far away,
Waiting to come back yet again.

My Smile

Refreshing and ebullient is what you are to me,
Admirable, beautiful, awesome,
No words can describe you,
Like an angel you have come to me,
Simple answer to pain is what you are,
Melancholy turned into happiness because of you,
I found the happy me because of you.
Lucky enough I am to have you,
Enlivened, has become my life because of you.

Someone By Me

In the cold chilling night, full of beautiful stars,
And the heart gratifying air,
The dream of you can never be forgone,
In this night full of bad vision.
You made me realize that I am not all alone,
Enjoying and admirable are the time I spent with you:
Heartwarming are your sweet words,
Enthralling are your ways to understand things,
Additional joy is what I get when I am with you,
Relishing are moments with you.
To the world you maybe anything
But for me you are my smile.


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