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Artwork - #12| By Tsumi

Who is bored with their boring, normal lives ? Mostly everyone. So here a girl who pours magic into life and reimagines it. An artist but not a normal one, she is the first anime artist of the site. Here are her animated works. 丗 丗 丗 丗 丗 丗 丗 丗 丗 丗 \ ~Tsumi

Artwork - #11| By Ashim

If you thought that pencils were for writing, well here is Ashim to prove you wrong. A expressions master and an artist who hasn't forgotten his roots. We promise you that whatever you are seeing is 100% handmade although they may not seem so.So enjoy. 卄 卄 卄 卄 卄 卄 卄   卄 卄 ~ Ashim

Poem - #25 | Society Kills

Society Kills Society loves killing, So cruel is society That it tells us who we are; By the way we dress, By the scars on our wrists. Society telling us that  We won't become successful; Off of these collections of So called poetry. Society, playing us like we are a damn game Like we are the little pieces That move from from one space to another; Telling us where we stand  Where we belong. Society, judging who we are, Because of who we have been In our pasts Which decides what we can be, By what we have been before. Society portraying discrimination, By treating a man different for his skin colour; Like he doesn't deserve as much as a man of no colour, Like his family is not as important, Like he is too dumb to speak up against them. Society, killing off it's own people, So many deaths Killing it's children by getting in their heads And making them feel they are not good enough The children feel so out