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Airplane Mode: A Funny Short story | Ralph Bismargi

Airplane Mode: A Funny Short story   By: Ralph Bismargi  Blurb:  A laugh-out-loud short story, especially if you enjoy comedies, sitcoms and sketches! Trish is a talented and beautiful young actress. In order to prepare for a life-changing audition, she signs up for a new acting class. The teacher of that class is a little quirky to say the least. Has Trish finally found a good teacher? Will she get the part? Or is she going to regret taking the class? Review: Was a overall fun reading experience. The plot was pretty simple, with some conflicts in between. The epilogue entailed a strong conclusion to the story. The humor was quite elegant, used in-between serious moments as a sort of relief. If anyone prefers a light read, they should read this piece someday. Now, for the title of the story: quite well thought of. The cover of the book closely resembles the 'setting' of the story. The characters I must say, well thought of and nicely drawn so that the epilogue gets it's mea