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Book | Life After The Floods

Book Name: Life After The Floods Author: Anu Lal Blurb:  A devastating flood drowned three-quarters of the state of Kerala in South India, in 2018. The cause of the flood is still a topic of debate. Excessive rainfall is said to be its one cause. However, is there yet another astoundingly erroneous human intervention that perhaps doubled the impact of the floods? These essays were born during the time of the flood. The intention of these essays is to support those who seek answers after enduring the challenge of survival. As an artistic observation of the traumatic events, these essays are the first of its nature to offer an in-depth and panoramic view of the Kerala floods and its causes. These essays list out the possible questions too that could be researched further for a better understanding of the nature of similar events. The book has 9 essays in two parts. The first part consists of four essays on Kerala floods. The second part titled " the coconut country" h