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Artwork - #12| By Tsumi

Who is bored with their boring, normal lives ? Mostly everyone. So here a girl who pours magic into life and reimagines it. An artist but not a normal one, she is the first anime artist of the site. Here are her animated works. 丗 丗 丗 丗 丗 丗 丗 丗 丗 丗 \ ~Tsumi

Artwork - #11| By Ashim

If you thought that pencils were for writing, well here is Ashim to prove you wrong. A expressions master and an artist who hasn't forgotten his roots. We promise you that whatever you are seeing is 100% handmade although they may not seem so.So enjoy. 卄 卄 卄 卄 卄 卄 卄   卄 卄 ~ Ashim

Artwork - #10 | By Prasansa

A slayer of details, her sketches are ( according to me ) somewhat uncanny, a little out of the box, and yet mesmerizing at the same time. A girl who pours sketches out life out of this world, here's Prasansa to dazzle you. Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø ~ Prasansa

Artwork - #9 | By Sahil

Go Team Marvel !!  His name is Sahil. An excellent artist of Black and White.  Truly fascinating his sketches are, here are some of  his works. ᗻ ᗻ ᗻ ᗻ ᗻ ᗻ ᗻ ᗻ ᗻ ᗻ ᗻ ~Sahil

Artwork - #8 | By Nasrin

Dark was her pencil, dark were her thoughts, dark were her motives, dark were her strokes. An artist who plays with dark here to offer a bit of her darkness. ㄭ ㄭ ㄭ ㄭ ㄭ ~Nasrin