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Artwork - #7 | By Eshika Pt.2

When this girl gets a bit of colour she turns imagination into reality. A monochrome girl with a colourful taste, here's Eshika to mesmerize with yet another of her collection. ¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ ~Eshika

Artwork - #6 | By Anikyet

Anyone Hungry? Doesn't matter if yes or no. After seeing these paintings I'm sure you all would at least take a moment to appreciate the delicious fruits that Anikyet has drawn. (To satisfy the mental hunger) Փ Փ Փ Փ Փ Փ Փ Փ Փ Փ Փ Փ ~ Anikyet

Artwork - #5 | By Prazala

I need to agree that I really couldn't get words for this one. But you know if I don't say anything about this Google won't be very happy. So I will describe these pieces as ethereal and distinguishes itself from other painting lying around the corner of the room. A lot of thanks to Prazala for the piece!

Artwork - #4 | By Kenjula

Art is an expression, an expression of life, of the world. Each piece made has a message to give, each stoke a meaning and each color an emotion. Here are some of the with the balance of all. Sit back and enjoy. ≂ ≂ ≂ ≂ ≂ ≂ ≂ ~ Kenjula

Artwork - #3 | By Sradha

The following paintings are done by Sradha. An excellent oil painter. Do you think so? Comment on this. The good stuff we provide at The Few Creators gets enriched day by day all because of artists such as her. 𝚽 𝚽 𝚽 𝚽 ~ Sradha

Artwork - #2 | By Alish

Art is meant to be the portal between imagination and reality.  Some just see it, some feel it and some others live it. Few though are able to put life into their paintings but when I see his ( Alish's ) I fail to find any flaw. What do you all say? ⟗ ⟗ ⟗ ⟗ ⟗ ⟗ ⟗ ⟗ ⟗ ⟗ ⟗ ⟗ ⟗ ~ Alish Rai