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Poem - #24 | Wonders

My Wonder Sometimes I wonder, Why don't I flip off a tall building? Why don't I fall down from a cliff? Why don't I cut on the both sides of my lips? So that it always feels like I am smiling, I don't have tell people I am not crying, I am happy, and the scars will be my smile. The more I try to be happy I land up being more sad at the end The more I laugh, The more I weep, Do I deserve to live? I wonder. Am I a disgrace? I wonder. Am I a good person,I wonder. Am I a part of human index, I wonder. Shall I live? And I still wonder on this! ~Ashad All Alone I wondered like the last leaf Left all alone to fall in the season of fall, With nothing all around, but just a cold breeze that I feel, All the others have left me all alone. And sometimes when I think, It always felt like someone, somewhere, Far away, is reciting my story to someone Or should I feel that every now and then, Strange laug

Poem- #23 | To Dearest Mom

Dear Mom I see you caring for me even when I hated you, Staying awake all those nights when I was in agony; And even in my worst times You were the one who gave me the strength, To wear the brightest smile on my face. Dear Mom,  In the freaking cold winters You were the one to make me feel warm on your lap, You sacrificed your hunger to feed me, I promise you there cannot be any heart like yours  In this cruel world: Mom, to write this poem I was never told, Now I write it, cause my heart is not so cold, But Mom for me you are the best in the world. Dear Mom, Even the legends have bowed to you, And even God has praised you, For what you have done. You are the one who forgave me for the pain I caused; And for me there is no one as great as you Mom, There is nothing in the world that you didn't do for us, You gave up your aspirations to fullfil my dreams, And you fought against the world for me. You