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Poem - #24 | Wonders

My Wonder Sometimes I wonder, Why don't I flip off a tall building? Why don't I fall down from a cliff? Why don't I cut on the both sides of my lips? So that it always feels like I am smiling, I don't have tell people I am not crying, I am happy, and the scars will be my smile. The more I try to be happy I land up being more sad at the end The more I laugh, The more I weep, Do I deserve to live? I wonder. Am I a disgrace? I wonder. Am I a good person,I wonder. Am I a part of human index, I wonder. Shall I live? And I still wonder on this! ~Ashad All Alone I wondered like the last leaf Left all alone to fall in the season of fall, With nothing all around, but just a cold breeze that I feel, All the others have left me all alone. And sometimes when I think, It always felt like someone, somewhere, Far away, is reciting my story to someone Or should I feel that every now and then, Strange laug

Poem- #23 | To Dearest Mom

Dear Mom I see you caring for me even when I hated you, Staying awake all those nights when I was in agony; And even in my worst times You were the one who gave me the strength, To wear the brightest smile on my face. Dear Mom,  In the freaking cold winters You were the one to make me feel warm on your lap, You sacrificed your hunger to feed me, I promise you there cannot be any heart like yours  In this cruel world: Mom, to write this poem I was never told, Now I write it, cause my heart is not so cold, But Mom for me you are the best in the world. Dear Mom, Even the legends have bowed to you, And even God has praised you, For what you have done. You are the one who forgave me for the pain I caused; And for me there is no one as great as you Mom, There is nothing in the world that you didn't do for us, You gave up your aspirations to fullfil my dreams, And you fought against the world for me. You

Poem - #22 | Feelings In a Lifetime

Runaway Lover I'm afraid of your feelings As I even run away from my own, You try to catch me But I'm away from your love zone And as I try to settle down, I stumble on my own For I'm a runaway lover, Never wanting to be known ~ Sneha Chhetri Ask Yourself What are we? We are neither something, Nor nothing We're just swinging On the thin line in between, Which I'm afraid to let go of For the fear of unknown And which you're already Letting go of, To embrace the unknown. ~ Sneha Chhetri. Astray I showed you my naked soul Putting down all of my walls Without leaving anything I gave you my all Thinking you could take it I poured out my darkness Along with my soul But you walked away Leaving my heart astray What do I do now, What do I say, Where do I find my heart Now that it has gone astray? ~ Sneha Chhetri Stories A series of untold stories Follows every one of us, Stories tha

Poem - #21 | Lovers and Society

Faded Lovers We were fading lovers Sailing through the ocean of time, Drowned by our melancholic hearts We are not fine this time. We fought for us but against each other, We knew that we were bound to drown And we did nothing to make it better. Separated in the ocean of time, We are indeed faded lovers But know that time will heal us just fine Even though it might leave a scar behind. - Sneha Chhetri Dear Society We have been planning our escape From the four walls of society We all want to go to one place Where we can exist with our reality, You say we carry no dreams in our mind, When we carry a universe crafted solely out of them, You say our mind is not mature enough.  When our thinking starts from the horizon, Of the end of yours, And you tell us we do not dream enough Oh! Dear Society How dare we even tell you about our dreams When you think they are nothing And you try to clip our wings How dare we even try to breathe a word Abo

Poem - #20 | A World Of It's Own

A World Of It's Own At the sight of Keventer's, My iris prepares itself, To witness the, Unending beeline of people, Scaling their way to The Times Square, Of Darjeeling. The sight of- Silver steamy Maktoos, A woman sitting quietly, Roasting corn. People from different Ethnic communities, Sauntering past with their families, Pointing their fingers, Towards the chic clothes, Sitting proudly on mannequins, Behind the glass of a shop, Fascinates the senses. The aroma of freshly, Barbequed chicken, And of finely fried fritters, Beckons me. The crazy hubbub- Of people walking, Here and there, Yelling each other's names, Bargaining with vendors, Bumping into one another, Apologizing with a smile. Although exasperating, Is wonderful to tune in. Reaching the summit, The eye rolls from, One corner to the other, To marvel a panorama.

Poem - #19 | Drowned in Love

Your love was Like the ocean. I wanted to  swim at the surface. But then I  drowned. And now I'm trapped at the depths. Trying to come out. You and many people tried to fish me out But none can ever take me out. - Tamack

Poem - #18 | Wrapped in Love

Wrapped in love I don't care if I'm pretty He never told me I never care what enthralled me I always over-rated my life Why lie on his bed tonight? I say! I swell my pride to undertake Fornicate not to make him stay  Stoic those chances of  bethroning a man  With lovers kind of embrace Why I never discovered  turbulences  Quite unexpected each  minute  Fades into the shadows of  vain Losing grip on those days  gone by  Like an empty conch fritters  Of the shore I stand wrapped in words  That wash the shores of my body  Then like those unveiling  Linen flows like a borrowed  wings of Icarus  White wanton on the shore  With sand that sparkle on  That ebony rock battered by  The winds of time  With foothills down to sullen  Heat of pregnant shores that  never ebbed  Forever emmersed in those  Hearts rejoice of  Tangled hair that meshes out  To the mind, that stoops not  to imposters Wild wild chil

Poem - #16 | For the Sake of Love

FOR THE SAKE OF LOVE I've covered miles not to watch you walk away At the slightest sight of me approaching your side, Or to remind you of how much we meant to each other in one moment, And the next minute we had to set out, apart. I don't understand why you think It's a bad thing to call you my friend What are you more ashamed of- Being my friend or being called one? I still believe there was magic in that world Which we built for ourselves, There was madness in the way we talked About every fiction we wrapped ourselves with. And I believed that we could have found each other If we had stayed a little longer together. But tell me, After all these years happened to us, What good did we learn Other than doubting ourselves Pulling down each other's confidence For the sake of love? I thought after this craze was over We could have been friends atleast. But then now that I look at the shame in your eyes That I know t

Poem - #15 | A Faded Dream

A Faded Dream I thought you'd seep out of my tight held fist Like water to the ground You'd be free, escaping my touch But never take the imprints of your presence From my mind And not letting go of memories Is the hardest chapter to live. Leaving a person who You thought you'd grow old with isn't easy. The feel is too tight against your heart Or when it gets too heavy for your hands To carry the weight of guilt along every time. You'd said I will be wrong to complain, But won't I still be wrong not to? So what if the life we sketched for us Faded in all this years When we ran our fingers along The Light pencil figures In which we drew our home. Take this as a lesson, Me and you separately Will have to draw our houses and fill it with Love, happiness and time. This time in ink. ~ Pushpanjali

Poem - #14 | They | You | We | Us

Mirror, Mirror tell me why, I feel this pain in every cry. Though struck are they but hurt am I, Sorrows be theirs but tears be mine ? If we are all apart Then why this pain, A sting in my heart, A throb in my vein ? If we are not one, then tell me why, Is their smile no different than mine ? Why his tears be the same as hers, While their fears still raise their furs ? Then tell me, tell me, please tell me why, Do we all seek to touch the sky ? Though darkness is all thats ahead we know, We still wanna give it a go. Why we shudder in the silent cold, Feel warm in a friendly hold ? Kill for a little gold, Forgetting everything we are told. Oh Mirror, Mirror do unfold, This blinding delusion of the many old, For before I leave will be bold For we are people, not toys to be sold. Love was when I met you , And kissed you under the darkening skies. Love was when I held you, Love was the warmth in your eyes. Love was wh

Poem - #13 | Utopian Dystopia | On Poverty and Racism

On Poverty and Racism They say it ain't good When you show your cunning self But when you have to beg for food Being honest is of little help. Sit in the heat, sit in the rain; Is it the best way, you use your brain. But you know what? The rich don't care, About the miseries the poor share. Oh! Please don't spit there Thats where I sleep dear: And don't you piss there My food is in there! Yeah you heard it right But you still will fight, With the people and the government, Everytime they have us money, lent. For the rich get richer,  And the poor - poorer: Very few things in this world Are more truer, Than this clich├ęd phrase. You see, we live in such a country When dogs are prayed but men slayed, On the basis of their so-called caste How long do you think can such a rule last? And the black men, kicked out and murdered Just because God had them coloured. And yet they say we live in an uto

Poem - #12 | Feelings

Feelings I didn't want to do it Or maybe I did, It all started when I said that your post was lit, And you commented that you were deeply grieved. You said you were left to die Under the unforgiving sky, With no one to see you cry And if let alone you would try ----- To leave this world and fly. To fly far, far away from the wide-wide sky But it was just another big lie. I believed in you, tried to console you, I said, "All will be well, a good life awaits you." But you acted well and kept on bluffing Saying the same four lines to Joe, Bill, John and Irving That you were left to die Under the unforgiving sky, With no one to see you cry And if you could you would try ----- To leave this world and fly. But playing us was your aim, Nothing more, nothing less, and you did nicely frame ------' That you suffered, while others betrayed: But never did you think what had you portrayed When with the five of us you pla