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Poem - #18 | Wrapped in Love

Wrapped in love I don't care if I'm pretty He never told me I never care what enthralled me I always over-rated my life Why lie on his bed tonight? I say! I swell my pride to undertake Fornicate not to make him stay  Stoic those chances of  bethroning a man  With lovers kind of embrace Why I never discovered  turbulences  Quite unexpected each  minute  Fades into the shadows of  vain Losing grip on those days  gone by  Like an empty conch fritters  Of the shore I stand wrapped in words  That wash the shores of my body  Then like those unveiling  Linen flows like a borrowed  wings of Icarus  White wanton on the shore  With sand that sparkle on  That ebony rock battered by  The winds of time  With foothills down to sullen  Heat of pregnant shores that  never ebbed  Forever emmersed in those  Hearts rejoice of  Tangled hair that meshes out  To the mind, that stoops not  to imposters Wild wild chil