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R.J. Palacio Reads | Wonder

Thoughts On The Book R.J. Palacio in her book 'Wonder' has beautifully encaptured  the problems that a specially abled or simply put a disabled person, has to undergo and suffer. She also talks about how a person has to tolerate bullying in school and his feelings: she also discusses about the life of pets and the way inhumane humans mistreat them. Pets as she says is more than just an animal. All this thought provoking instances are talked about in one book. This book has really touched my heart because not only has the author discussed about such problems in our society but he has essentially engraved into our soul a different perspective of life. She tells us about the many ways in which a person can overcome such a situation and how a disability doesn't necessarily mean that everything is over. Storyline The whole story revolves around the life of a little boy named August Pullman who was inflicted with Mandibulofacial dystosis from birth. Also commonly

Devdutt Pattanaik Reads | Devlok (and many more)

On The Book It's a book on the Hindu mythological tales of India. He tells us about the Vedas, the Purans and the untold and forgotten stories of our Gods and Goddesses. Originally the author Devdutt Pattanaik was interviewed by the Epic Channel (A channel in India), where he discusses about Hindu Mythology. It's a informative book which is like the oversimplified version of the Vedas and the Puranas. The book neveer feels superfluous or boring at all. Chapters This book review is a lot different than all my other reviews as this book is not a novel or a story. It's a series of interviews discussing folk tales. He tells that he calls The Vedas and The Puranas mythological scriptures because he says that the word mythology is wrongly comprehended. Mythology according to him is a belief present in a certain group of people which cannot be disproven or is better not tried to be meddled with. He tell us how seas and oceans were formed, how the Vindyas came to be