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R.J. Palacio Reads | Wonder

Thoughts On The Book R.J. Palacio in her book 'Wonder' has beautifully encaptured  the problems that a specially abled or simply put a disabled person, has to undergo and suffer. She also talks about how a person has to tolerate bullying in school and his feelings: she also discusses about the life of pets and the way inhumane humans mistreat them. Pets as she says is more than just an animal. All this thought provoking instances are talked about in one book. This book has really touched my heart because not only has the author discussed about such problems in our society but he has essentially engraved into our soul a different perspective of life. She tells us about the many ways in which a person can overcome such a situation and how a disability doesn't necessarily mean that everything is over. Storyline The whole story revolves around the life of a little boy named August Pullman who was inflicted with Mandibulofacial dystosis from birth. Also commonly

Thought - #1 |Who is God?

Who is God? Who in this diverse world of ours hasn't heard about Him, a greater power above us all, a Being known to many by an infinite names. A Creator in some religions, a Destroyer in others, an entity in some and a force, energy in others. The very notion of God comes the the everlasting but yet the most preliminary and fundamental question that our human mind has been able to conceive. Who made us? And thus the paradoxical answer follows; someone, God. Why paradoxical? Because if we exist then it follows that their must be a creator else nothing makes sense. Our very existence proves the existence of the One. Although this mind boggling topic, also one of the most controversial ones to be accurate, has been there since we achieved self-awareness the truth is that it may never be answered. Yet is that all? Do we only see God as our creator or is there something more to it, a latent truth buried deep within our minds. It is a fact that it is our very human

Poem - #14 | They | You | We | Us

Mirror, Mirror tell me why, I feel this pain in every cry. Though struck are they but hurt am I, Sorrows be theirs but tears be mine ? If we are all apart Then why this pain, A sting in my heart, A throb in my vein ? If we are not one, then tell me why, Is their smile no different than mine ? Why his tears be the same as hers, While their fears still raise their furs ? Then tell me, tell me, please tell me why, Do we all seek to touch the sky ? Though darkness is all thats ahead we know, We still wanna give it a go. Why we shudder in the silent cold, Feel warm in a friendly hold ? Kill for a little gold, Forgetting everything we are told. Oh Mirror, Mirror do unfold, This blinding delusion of the many old, For before I leave will be bold For we are people, not toys to be sold. Love was when I met you , And kissed you under the darkening skies. Love was when I held you, Love was the warmth in your eyes. Love was wh

Photography - #1 | Shree's Collection

In a backpack in Shree's cupboard lay in an unused hard drive some pictures. Some pictures which he photographed himself. Many of them were good and many of them excellent. So among those pictures we chose some and are now displaying here. Shree Raj Chettri Shree Raj Chettri Shree Raj Chettri                                   Shree Raj Chettri                  Tell us which of the pics you like the most and if anyone wants a copy of their own delivered in hd-jpg format email us at            

Photography - #4 | Subham's Collection 2

I was just about to go offline when I stumbled upon this. A truly good set of photographs these are! Look at them, don't they look nice?