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Poem - #22 | Feelings In a Lifetime

Runaway Lover I'm afraid of your feelings As I even run away from my own, You try to catch me But I'm away from your love zone And as I try to settle down, I stumble on my own For I'm a runaway lover, Never wanting to be known ~ Sneha Chhetri Ask Yourself What are we? We are neither something, Nor nothing We're just swinging On the thin line in between, Which I'm afraid to let go of For the fear of unknown And which you're already Letting go of, To embrace the unknown. ~ Sneha Chhetri. Astray I showed you my naked soul Putting down all of my walls Without leaving anything I gave you my all Thinking you could take it I poured out my darkness Along with my soul But you walked away Leaving my heart astray What do I do now, What do I say, Where do I find my heart Now that it has gone astray? ~ Sneha Chhetri Stories A series of untold stories Follows every one of us, Stories tha

Poem - #21 | Lovers and Society

Faded Lovers We were fading lovers Sailing through the ocean of time, Drowned by our melancholic hearts We are not fine this time. We fought for us but against each other, We knew that we were bound to drown And we did nothing to make it better. Separated in the ocean of time, We are indeed faded lovers But know that time will heal us just fine Even though it might leave a scar behind. - Sneha Chhetri Dear Society We have been planning our escape From the four walls of society We all want to go to one place Where we can exist with our reality, You say we carry no dreams in our mind, When we carry a universe crafted solely out of them, You say our mind is not mature enough.  When our thinking starts from the horizon, Of the end of yours, And you tell us we do not dream enough Oh! Dear Society How dare we even tell you about our dreams When you think they are nothing And you try to clip our wings How dare we even try to breathe a word Abo