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Thought - #1 |Who is God?

Who is God? Who in this diverse world of ours hasn't heard about Him, a greater power above us all, a Being known to many by an infinite names. A Creator in some religions, a Destroyer in others, an entity in some and a force, energy in others. The very notion of God comes the the everlasting but yet the most preliminary and fundamental question that our human mind has been able to conceive. Who made us? And thus the paradoxical answer follows; someone, God. Why paradoxical? Because if we exist then it follows that their must be a creator else nothing makes sense. Our very existence proves the existence of the One. Although this mind boggling topic, also one of the most controversial ones to be accurate, has been there since we achieved self-awareness the truth is that it may never be answered. Yet is that all? Do we only see God as our creator or is there something more to it, a latent truth buried deep within our minds. It is a fact that it is our very human